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Staying on the road to recovery demands more than addiction treatment and mental health support. You also need a place to live to help ensure your efforts aren’t sabotaged. That’s why Behavioral Health Clinic in Baltimore, Maryland, supports recovery with shelter housing. They offer free housing on a first-come, first-serve basis to patients with a co-occurring diagnosis of chemical dependence and a mental health disorder. If you need food and shelter, don’t wait to apply; simply call the clinic or book an appointment online today.

Shelter Housing Q & A

Why do I need shelter housing?

The team at Behavioral Health Clinic offers the intensive care you need to detoxify and recover from your addiction. They provide therapy, teach coping skills, and help you understand what drives your addiction so you can move forward to achieve a productive life.

But your long-term wellness depends on two life-sustaining essentials: food and shelter. Without these basic needs, you can’t focus on recovering, and it’s hard to resist the addictions you’ve worked so hard to overcome. 

Behavioral Health Clinic offers shelter housing to give you a safe and supportive environment. You have the chance to live with others who understand what you are going through. When you live in the shelter house, you can continue to regain your wellness while being free from judgment.

What services will I receive at shelter housing?

Everyone in shelter housing receives services such as: 

  • Access to a kitchen and food
  • Clean and comfortable bed and room
  • Supervised tasks and house activities
  • Transportation to and from Behavioral Health Clinic
  • Education and skills training to support your transition to independence

While in shelter housing, the team helps you find the community resources you need to maintain a safe and healthy life after you leave the facility.

What requirements must I follow in shelter housing?

Behavioral Health Clinic expects you to meet specific requirements. Everyone in shelter housing must:

  • Attend scheduled group and individual sessions
  • Comply with the house and program rules
  • Agree to not use or possess weapons and illegal substances or paraphernalia

These three requirements are not negotiable if you want to stay in shelter housing.

Who qualifies for shelter housing?

Anyone seeking both mental health and chemical dependence services with Behavioral Health Clinic can take advantage of shelter housing for up to six months.

You’re eligible if you:

  • Have a co-occurring diagnosis
  • Are free of any communicable disease
  • Are not a registered sex offender
  • Do not have a history of setting fires
  • Don’t have a place to live
  • Don’t have housing that supports a sober lifestyle
  • Can perform activities of daily living

Activities of daily living include things like being able to cook, climb stairs, and take your own medications.

To learn more about shelter housing or to apply for a room, call Behavioral Health Clinic today or schedule an appointment online.

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