What is group therapy? How can group therapy help you? The answers to your questions are here.
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To support your recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, group therapy services are available at Behavioral Health Clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. The specialized therapy team offers on-site group therapy sessions as part of an intensive outpatient program to help you build the support system you need to avoid a relapse. Your treatment plan focuses on your individual needs and includes the latest psychotherapy and behavioral therapy techniques to help you stay on the path to wellness. 410-844-4110

Group Therapy Q & A

What is group therapy?

Group therapy focuses on providing insight into the dynamics of drug addiction relapse or the recurrence of mental health issues to support your recovery. This type of therapeutic treatment is essential for helping you identify the warning signs of a potential relapse and compliments other modalities of care for addiction recovery and mental health. The team at Behavioral Health Clinic offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP), which involves integrated and individualized care for addiction recovery or in the treatment of mental health issues. This program is an effective follow-up upon the completion of in-patient care and includes both individualized and group therapy sessions.

What’s involved in group therapy?

Outpatient group therapy sessions offer a less intensive structure if you already have an established recovery program and need additional support. During your session, the team focuses on providing a stable structure for you to improve your self-help support system and focus on the concerns you have about your risk for relapse. You can expect to gain insight into your emotional and mental health through psychotherapy (talk therapy) and behavioral therapy and learn techniques to better cope with stress and other addiction triggers. The group setting allows you to discuss your experiences and share ideas with others going through addiction or mental health struggles. Your specialized therapy team, which includes psychiatrists, nurses, and specialized therapists, creates a therapy plan centered around your individual needs and focuses on your long-term success. You may begin your group therapy sessions in conjunction with other treatments to enhance your results. If you’re unable to meet with your provider in-office, the Behavioral Health Clinic offers the convenience of teletherapy. You can use the telehealth platform to meet with your therapist or group anywhere you are.

How long do I need to participate in group therapy?

The Behavioral Health Clinic providers can determine how often and how long you need to participate in group therapy based on your initial assessment during the intake process. This assessment considers the severity of your mental health condition or your addiction to drugs or alcohol. The counseling team works closely with you to monitor your progress and determine how long you may benefit from therapy.

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