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To help you live an independent, high-quality life despite a psychiatric disorder, the team at Behavioral Health Clinic offers a psychiatric rehabilitation program at their office in Baltimore, Maryland. The trained staff helps you build coping skills and life strategies so that you can thrive independently in life. They focus on your health and wellness and the management of your financial responsibilities through individual therapy and group activities. To learn more about your options for psychiatric rehabilitation, call Behavioral Health Clinic, or request an appointment online today. 410-844-4110

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program Q & A

What is psychiatric rehabilitation?

Psychiatric rehabilitation services are available in response to the intense needs of adults with mental health disabilities in Maryland. The Behavioral Health Clinic team offers supportive services on-site and off to improve your quality of life and help you manage your mental health or behavioral challenges. Psychiatric rehabilitation services are an extension of the therapeutic services you may be receiving individually. They focus on providing insight into who you are and highlighting your strengths and needs to help you alleviate psychiatric symptoms.

Why should I consider psychiatric rehabilitation?

The psychiatric rehabilitation program available at Behavioral Health Clinic is available for adults who need help improving their life skills and overall quality of life. You should consider outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation services if you or a loved one would benefit from their counseling and wellness programs while managing conditions such as:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality disorders
Rehabilitation may also be suitable for treating addictive behaviors like gambling, drug addiction, and sex addiction. Psychiatric rehabilitation is an ideal follow-up service to inpatient treatment for psychiatric disorders. It can further improve your coping and life management skills so that you can live an independent life.

What’s involved in psychiatric rehabilitation?

The psychiatric rehabilitation program at Behavioral Health Clinic offers on-site services like individual and group therapy and customized counseling services. The program also features recovery groups that focus on building your independent living skills and helping you find meaningful and fulfilling life roles. Group activities focus on:
  • Wellness management
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Community living skills
  • Health and nutrition
  • Social skills
  • Personal hygiene
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Self-administration of medication
The Behavioral Health Clinic team also works closely with you to build problem-solving skills and strengthen your coping strategies. Staff can assist you with mobility and transportation issues and locate housing if necessary. They also provide learning opportunities to increase your skills in the management of household responsibilities and financial responsibilities and educational and vocational training. You can receive the psychiatric rehabilitation services you need in-office or by using the available teletherapy services. The counselors also work with community outreach services to help you become an active, productive member of the community.

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