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Core Values


At Behavioral Health Clinic we believe that the power and perseverance of the human spirit can overcome all things when accompanied by compassionate care and guidance.


Our patients’ well-being is our primary responsibility for caring Patients.


We do our best to facilitate change. We realize that every component is an important part of the process of change.


We own our part in making change happen. Not only in our direct duties, but for the treatment program as a whole.



Every member of the group is an essential part of the whole. Every member must work together to ensure the best possible opportunity for change.


We involve the patient in the helping process. We share the work of change and don’t enable helplessness.


All intentions are positive and with the patient’s best interest at heart. We provide a safe and trusting atmosphere.



Every individual is valued and has a unique situation.


We have a nonjudgmental attitude. Understanding and evaluating, not assigning blame. We have respect for human worth and dignity.

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