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Community-based Health Care Organization

Behavioral Health Clinic (BHC) is a community based health care organization, serving the greater Baltimore metropolitan area dedicated to providing compassionate, effective and person-centered behavioral health care treatment to its consumers. Established in 2015, we offer comprehensive programs that address alcohol/drug addiction, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. It is our firm belief that an attitude of sincerity, caring and hope is essential to ensuring the long-term healing and positive transformation of those that we serve. We strive to assist them along their path toward living a meaningful life and achieving their full potential.


Co-occurring disorders are primary diseases caused by biochemical changes within the brain and influenced by social, emotional, and environmental elements. As with addictive disease, the individual bears no responsibility for developing the disorder; but once diagnosed and treated, is responsible for taking personal responsibility for learning about the disorder, self-diagnosing the disorder, treating the disorder and continuing treatment. Disorders are chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal diseases.

Accordingly, Behavioral Health Clinic considers co-occurring diseases to be primarily “biochemical/genetic disorders which are influenced by elements in the environment.”

A Journey of Healing and Transformation

The atmosphere for treatment must be an atmosphere of acceptance of the patient as a person. This is conveyed by a non-punitive, non-moralistic, non-reproaching attitude. An attitude of sincerity, caring and hope is essential. Behavioral Health Clinic also strives to encourage patients to grasp and utilize the concept of recovery. Recovery is a journey of healing and transformation that enable a person with co-occurring disorders to live a meaningful life in a community of his/her choice while striving to achieve his/her full potential. This way of life encourages patients to be active in their wellness plans, health awareness, resource management and utilizing coping skills to manage their disorders and symptoms.

The concept of therapeutic community allows patients to be active int heir own treatment and recovery. Therapeutic Community places the responsibility of recovery on the patient. Thus, patients work together in developing and maintaining goals, and plans in order to improve their overall quality of life. Peers assist one another on their road to recovery.

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