It is "All the efforts of the dedicated staff members and volunteers that make this establishment of Behavioral Health Clinic a great place to get help". "The blessings are all around...Everyone works together to help, they even go the extra mile when someone gives up. The structure is great."

- D.C.

This is a brief letter of gratitude and thanks written by myself, A.R., to all parties concerned as to the level of care being fostered by Behavioral Health Clinic. I personally have nothing but admiration and a positive reference for the establishment. I arrived at this center torn, emotionally unstable, uncertain and ignorant regarding the disease concept, had relapse issues as a result of an inability to identify triggers. The groups here have dynamics that covered these issues and more. The staff operates with professionalism, concern, caring and a great discernment that addresses each clients need. I would strongly recommend this facility to any person seeking mental health or substance abuse treatment.

- A.R.