Humanitarian Service

Often there are extenuating circumstances which may impact an individual’s ability to achieve and sustain mental health. Shelter from the elements, good nutrition, education and employment skills for financial stability can be vital parts of an individual’s continue of care for mental health.¬†Behavioral Health Clinic¬† offers programs and services to assist individuals whom need or desire these humanitarian services.

Housing & Transportation

Behavioral Health Clinic, as part of our Humanitarian Services, has the ability to offer shelter, transportation, and food for our co-occurring patients who maybe in need of such services. This is typically a pro-bono service and patient participation in the housing program is completely voluntary. It is required that patients participating in the Behavioral Health Clinic housing program be actively engaged in the Behavioral Health Clinic mental health and/or addiction recovery program. Housing operates on a “first come, first serve” basis. In the event that there is no available vacancy, with in Behavioral Health Clinic housing program, every effort is taken to identify shelters or housing for patients in need of this service. All patients are encouraged to stay in environments which are conducive to their own personal recovery.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRP)

PRP is part of the continuum of care services offered by Behavioral Health Clinic. These groups focus on improving practical life skills to promote and support independent and successful community based living.

Our PRP groups cover topics including but not limit to:

  • Life Skills (like how to pay bills, job searching, accessing community resources)
  • Personal Care (like health, nutrition, medication education & relapse prevention)
  • Social Wellness (like communication skills, self-esteem, )
  • Engagement Activities (fun actives and fieldtrips that enhance the quality of life)
  • Educational and Technical Skills.